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Toilet Unblocking is our specialty. Blocked toilets are a frustrating and messy experience for any home or commercial building resident. Toilets are not designed to cope with large amounts of waste such as nappies, sanitary towels, tampons, baby wipes etc. Other causes can be a clip on toilet freshener holders being flushed down the toilet, tree roots, broken pipes, and caustic soda.​

Regular cleaning, plunging and flushing your toilet will prevent and slow the build up of scale and small bits of waste, which can cause larger problems.

Blocked toilets are a relatively frequent problem and it is possible to clear the blockage yourself but if you’ve already tried everything or find the situation worsens, JET2CLEAR is here to help. Please call John 01472 472274 for prompt callout 24 hours a day 365 days a year, covering Grimsby and the surrounding areas.




  • Caustic soda is often used by homeowners to clear blocked drains but it can also make them worse. Caustic Soda is a very dangerous material to use and should be handled with great caution. Due to its hazardous nature, it is imperative that it is kept out of reach of children. If used correctly caustic soda can clear some blocked drains but if it must be properly flushed through otherwise the residual will harden like cement which will create A DRAIN BLOCKAGE! The correct method to using caustic soda is to pour hot water down the drain to warm the pipe. Pour the caustic soda into the drain and ensure to protect your eyes to avoid contact with the bubbling and foaming chemical. Caustic soda is extremely dangerous if it gets on your skin or in your eyes. After 2 minutes flush the drain with hot water again and wash it all away. If your drain is still blocked you should call a professional drain cleaning company such as JET2CLEAR on 01472 472274.

We have the expertise needed for toilet unblocking ensure they don't trouble you again in the future.

What can cause a blocked toilet?

One of the first signs that’ll tell you that you need to unclog a toilet is a higher than usual water level in the bowl. Anything that’s flushed down a toilet and doesn’t dissolve quickly in water can cause a blockage and would require Toilet Unblocking

Although toilet paper is designed to dissolve quickly, it’s a common cause of blockages. The reason for this is usually an abnormally high amount of paper being placed in a single flush. Using multi-ply toilet paper can also be an issue as it takes longer to dissolve and break down.

Other common causes of blockages that our drainage engineers find, and are therefore things you should never flush down a toilet, are: –

  • Paper tissues and kitchen paper
  • Wet wipes (even if they claim to be water soluble)
  • Clumps of long hair
  • Dental floss and cotton buds
  • Feminine hygiene products; tampons and sanitary towels
  • Plastics; bags or wrapping
  • Latex items; condoms and gloves
  • Cosmetic pads and cotton wool products

Broken or blocked macerators

Our engineers are frequently called to properties in Grimsby with broken macerators, which are devices in toilets that break down materials. Sometimes tenants living in rental properties don’t know they have them and are unaware of the damage that items listed to the left do to them.

If your toilet has become blocked due to something obstructing the moving parts of the unit, our drainage engineer can look at the cause. Sometimes an obstruction can be removed but if the unit is broken then it’s likely that it will need to be replaced.

We will be able to provide a fixed price to buy a replacement unit and install it for you. We have a huge network of plumbing suppliers throughout Grimsby, meaning we can get a new unit installed quickly.

What Our Customers Say.

Excellent Toilet Unblocking service, arrived the same day at the time stated on the phone. Completed the job in a fast and efficient manner. Very reasonable price. Super happy customer

Lindsay Clifford-Brewer
Google Reviewer

I expected the guys to unblock the drain and leave, instead tided up and cleaned away the mess and debris from the drain. I have used other companies in the past where I had to clean up afterwards. Thanks Lads.

Yelp Reviewer

Excellent value for money with an all in inclusive rate, a professional transparent service and gets the job done. Thank god for the CCTV service. I nearly spent thousands ripping up my drive. Thanks for saving me an absolute fortune especially at the ninety hour!

Yelp Reviewer

May I take the opportunity to say how impressed I have been in dealing with your company. Will you please pass on my sincere thanks to the engineer John who was superb, pleasant, professional and a credit to your company.

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